Health Law

For this week at least, Economic Antitrust Policy Trumps Consolidation for “Enhanced Access and Quality”

Just to the south of New Hampshire, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts this week has encountered the vagaries of the world of health … more

It’s official, finally! Hospitals now must reveal what they “charge” for services

CMS published in the last week or so a Proposed Rule that has been several years in the making under which hospitals … more

From Payment for Quantity to Payment for Quality: How soon?

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Mandatory Emergency Preparedness Programs for Medicare and Medicaid Providers: Soon to be a Condition of Participation

As a result of disasters (mistakes, natural, and terrorist-created), CMS recently published a proposed rule requiring any Medicare or Medicaid provider to comply … more

New IRS Notices on Section 501(r)

Take note tax-exempt hospitals! The IRS has released two Notices ( )that address the relatively new Section 501(r).  As a refresher, and in … more

The Drug Diversion Problem – Medical Technician Registration and Drug Testing in New Hampshire

During last week’s New Hampshire Hospital Association Annual Meeting we heard a number of excellent speakers tackle such issues as the ACA … more

New ACA Regulations “Start Setting the Stage”

Yesterday, November 20, the bell rang.  CMS issued its proposed rule on insurance exchanges and their requirements.  CMS essentially has reaffirmed what … more