Health Trends

For this week at least, Economic Antitrust Policy Trumps Consolidation for “Enhanced Access and Quality”

Just to the south of New Hampshire, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts this week has encountered the vagaries of the world of health … more

From Payment for Quantity to Payment for Quality: How soon?

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The Second Machine Age – why you should read it!

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Aging with Dignity

The recent issue of Scientific American, which I heartily recommend, contains a short but interesting article on the two primary ways of … more

“Anticancer” Lifestyles

I’ve decided to spare readers yet another article and/or opinion about the argument before the U.S. Supreme Court on health care reform … more

Music National Service…and Music Therapy

Last year I posted a story about Music National Service.  My bro-in-law, Kiff Gallagher, runs it.  Tonight PBS News Hour featured MNS … more