Music National Service…and Music Therapy

Last year I posted a story about Music National Service.  My bro-in-law, Kiff Gallagher, runs it.  Tonight PBS News Hour featured MNS and Kiff in reporting about how music as therapy can assist those with brain damage and other issues.  To me, it’s obvious that music can offer therapeutic benefits, and that our hospitals and even physicians’ offices should consider incorporating music into their therapy protocols.  Think about it, music offers our brains so much.  Why do we respond to it?  It is so many things – soothing, interesting, captivating, attention-grabbing, even mathematic!

Tonight’s PBS News Hour story focused, in part, on young people with muscular dystrophy and other difficult diseases, and touched upon how these young people respond, in their own way and on their own time, to music.  The bottom line is that music works to stimulate (for lack of a better word) the brain in unique ways, allowing the brain “access” to music produces beneficial results.

Music National Service is the one national organization that I know of that is placing musicians into hospitals, VA’s, and schools to jump start this all-important “access” to music.  MSN is doing what needs to be done to stimulate those complicated neurons and synapses that make us unique among animals.